Balkan tours

Balkan tours – Undiscovered beauty of Europe


Balkan Tours tailored made direct from Feel Serbia are the lifetime unique experience.  To discover so many towns in a different countries with a different ,but still the same, culture is opportunity which you will have just in this part of the world joining the Balkan Tours.

Balkan tours are mainly covering the territory of Balkan Peninsula. Territory world wide known populated from the neolithic periods, one of the oldest settlements in mankind civilization were made on Balkans. Geographically territory of Balkan combines three type of terrains which makes whole peninsula a perfect for exploring. Combination of long Adriatic cost, high mountain ranges and Panonian flat on Balkan Tour will make you never forget a minute form these Balkan Trips.

Balkan Tour Packages made by Feel Serbia professional staff are very precisely planed and organized in a manner that every minute on these Balkan trips can be fulfilled with quality time. Balkan Tour Packages group sizes are organized in a smaller numbers from 4 to 10 people maximum. All the time listening to advice of our guides and their experience from the field our focus is on a smaller groups so each client can have a service like on a private tour. Balkan tour packages can be organized all according to your needs, or you can chose some of our standard programs. There are a two types of Balkan Tours, round trip tours which starts and ends from Belgrade, Serbia or tours which starts from Belgrade and ends in some other desired town.

Unique destinations in Serbia and unforgettable Balkan trips with our agency you have the opportunity to visit with favorable prices with top quality tourism. Whether because of its inhabitants, boulevards, parks, historical monuments, parks, sunsets, cafes or restaurants is the first impression that you will take from one of our optional trips. Balkan’s charm and our Balkan tours are simply irresistible. The diversity of the culture of speech, music and tradition from north to south of the country is something that makes Serbia authentic and what needs to be experienced during your stay in the country.



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