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Šumadijska wine tour

Šumadijska wine tour

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

Šumadijska wine tour. One of the most famous wine regions in Serbia is certainly the Sumadija region. In the hinterlands of Kosmaj, Rudnik and Venčac, with Prokop and Oplencem, people have been growing grapevine from ancient times.

It is known that the name Šumadija originates from dense forests that covered this part of Serbia until the XIX century. In recent history, the vineyard is closely related to the royal family of Karađorđević who owned 50 hectares of vineyards at the foot of Oplenca. Our journey will include a visit to the most famous wineries of this area in order to present you the history and spirit of Sumadija.

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

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Meeting at the previously agreed place at 9h

Gathering the group at 9 am at the agreed place, where you will be welcomed by our licensed travel guide. We are moving the road to Velika Plana and the small town of Krnjevo, which is 90km from Belgrade. A


Podrum Radovanovic

fter driving for about an hour, we come to Krnjevo and Podrum of the wine Radovanovic. Winery was founded in 1990. as the first small private winery in Serbia. Owner Miodrag Radovanovic, a professional oenologist with many years of experience, decided to plant 30 ha of vineyards in his estate and start production of one of the most famous wines today. The most widespread wines from this collection are Cabernet sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sauvignon blanc.



After tasting and sightseeing, continue the route to Topola and Oplenca. Our next stop is Oplenac and Aleksandrovic Winery. Aleksandrovic’s family has been involved in viticulture and winemaking for over a hundred years and has been closely cooperating with winemakers of royal cellars from the beginning, and was also among the founders of the Venetian Viticulture Cooperative.


Winery Aleksandrovic

By using state-of-the-art technology, following the world trends, scientific knowledge and tradition of generations, the Aleksandrovic Winery has become a leader among the winemakers of the entire Balkan region and has won a number of medals for quality at the world’s largest competitions. We will have the opportunity to try some of the most famous species such as: Variant, Oplen Riesling, Trijumf Rose.


St. George’s church

We continue our journey to the Royal Poses, the Church of Sv. George and the Royal Winery. The church actually represents the dynastic grave of Karađorđević, and was built on the model of numerous ruling mausoleums in Europe. The building was started by King Peter I Karađorđević, and after his death he was succeeded by King Aleksandar I Karađorđević. During the First World War, the graves were desecrated, but it has been successfully restored and today presents a cultural monument of exceptional significance.


Royal winery

We complete the tour with a visit to the Royal Winery. It was built in 1931 by King Aleksandar I Karadjordjevic, in a place where there was a small basement in which until the beginning of the Great War, grapes were processed. At that time it was the most modern basement, with modern equipment, built like French wine cellars. Even today it is very well preserved, so visitors have the opportunity to see how the king produced wine some 85 years ago. In the museum space on whose walls are the photographs depicting King Alexander I and Queen Mary in vintage, three bureaucas can be seen – a gift of burial for the wedding day of the royal couple from the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes. On each of them are the initial verses of the anthems of every nation: the Serbi

an “God of Justice”, the Croatian “Our Beautiful” and the Slovenian “Next, Flag of Glory”. Barrels were made in each of these republics of. dry Slavonian oak. The oldest boiler in the basement is from 1909. After the tasting, we end our tour and we head for Belgrade.



Return to Belgrade in evening hours

Arriving in Belgrade in the evening.

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