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Monasteries in Serbia – the medieval monastery tour

Monasteries in Serbia seen by medieval monastery tour is the great opportunity to discover Ortodox Serbia in medieval period. The valley of the kings or the Valley of lilacs is one of the most remarkable parts of Serbia. For seven centuries, the Valley of Lilacs and the Ibar River has been filled with the enchanting scent of this flower that constantly resembles the romantic story of the French princess, later to the Serbian queen, Jelena Anžujska. Namely, Serbian King Uros I Nemanjić wanted to meet his future wife in a special way, so he ordered that before her arrival along the inaccessible valley of Ibar planted beautifully flowered trees to remind the landscape of her native Provence. Jelena Anžujska contributed significantly to the cultural rise of the medieval Serbian state, she had the first library in the court and encouraged the copying of books in monasteries in Serbia.

Maglic is one of about two hundred similar towns of medieval Serbia, but for some it is still special and remarkable. Many consider it a classic example of Serbian medieval military architecture. He survived all the troubles and wars probably due to his inaccessibility, and his main function was to protect the road along the gorge connecting two church seats: Žiča and Peć’s patriarchate, as well as the entire Raska region  from enemy incursions from the north. However, the most important function was his direct control and protection of the monasteries Žiča and Studenica, which are located not far from here. Maglic is located 20km south of Kraljevo. Maglic , conditionally speaking, has been constructed so that it has two courtyards: east and west, and within which there are remains of buildings: the church of St. George, patron and protector of the city, as well as large palaces, which some consider to be the court of the city masters and the other it was an archbishop’s palace. After the free time we continue our tour, heading towards Studenica which is considered one of the most important monasteries in Serbia.

Driving to the south, you reach the place of Usce, a small village at the mouth of the Studenica River in Ibar. Here the path for the Monastery Studenica is separated, and it leads to 11km. The foundation is Stefan Nemanja, who had withdrew to the Hilandar monastery, and his sons Stefan Stefan Prvovenčani, Prince Vukan and Sava Nemanjić continued their construction. In that period, Studenica became the center of monasteries in Serbia. This monastery is also the Nemanjic legacy, because it contains the remains of many members of the Nemanjić royal family. It is on the list of world cultural heritage. The central and most important temple is the Church of the Virgin, which is also synonymous with Studenica. The church is of exceptional beauty, made of marble, for numerous reliefs, barefoot and architectural decoration. The interior is painted with frescoes that are among the highest ranges of world painting and among the monasteries in Serbia.

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Tour plan


Departure from agreed place at 9h

Departure from the agreed place at 9h, where you will be welcomed by our licensed travel guide.


Kraljevo and Zica monastery

We will begin our journey by traveling to Kraljevo and visiting the monastery of Žiča. In monastery Žiča after a short explanation from our professional licensed guide some free time.



Medieval town Maglic

From Ziča monastery we are heading to explore medieval town of Maglic. Some interesting stories and magnificent view.


Studenica monastery

Studenica monastery is a peak of our tour. You will enjoy the beauty of this medieval jewel and admire its significance for Serbian history and religion.



Returning to Belgrade in evening hours

By visiting Studenica, we finish our tour through the Valley of Kings. Departure to Belgrade.

Arriving in Belgrade in the evening.

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