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Zasavica, Subotica, Palic lake

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Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

Zasavica, Subotica, Palic lake. The wide Vojvodina plain, sprinkled with numerous rivers and canals, swamps and lakes, sandstones, arable land and hills, abounds in natural beauties. Under special protection, there are several land and water surfaces, some of which are of international significance. Vojvodina is rich in lakes, of which the most famous lake is Palić, next to Subotica, where all accompanying facilities are built for a pleasant holiday. Significantly, the Zasavica bar is also distinguished, which, due to its natural values, has been declared a protected nature park.

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

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Start from agreed place at 9h

Group meeting at 09:00 hrs at the agreed place, where you will be welcomed by our licensed travel guide.



We are heading towards Sremska Mitrovica and the reserve of Zasavica, which we need about 1:30 am driving. Upon arrival in Zasavica we start a tour. The magnificent nature reserve extends to 1825 hectares of preserved and fertile land; As one of the few places in the world where you can see a preserved wetland with a variety of flora and fauna, Zasavica is a unique natural phenomenon of great importance and beauty. The largest farm of donkeys in Southeastern Europe is another richness and characteristic of Zasavica. From milk of donkeys, which in this nature reserve has about 120, creams for the face, soaps and famous cheese. For one kilogram of this specialty it is necessary to allocate up to 1000 euros, and is located on the menu of the most exclusive restaurants in the world. We end the tour and head towards Palić Lake.


Palic lake

After 3 hours drive we arrive at Palić Lake. Palić Lake is one of the most important tourist complexes on the territory of whole Serbia, due to the comprehensive contents offered to the visitors. First of all, because of its geological and ecological value, the Palić Lake is a protected area and has a rank of nature park, then there are numerous cultural objects, Summer stage, one of the largest in the country, Ribarska čarda, Hunting Museum, Backa galerija slika, as well as palićki park with a zoo.


ZOO Palic

A tour of the lake will be completed by visiting the zoo. After the sightseeing we continue the path to Subotica.



Subotica is the northernmost Serbian city and belongs to one of the most beautiful ones with a rich tourist offer. It is 190 km away from Belgrade, or just over 2 hours drive. We will visit some of the main attractions in Subotica: a city house that represents the symbol of Subotica.


City Hall

The central part is occupied by the Great Hall with luxurious stained glass. At the height of 45m, there is a viewpoint with a magnificent view. We will visit the Franciscan church built in 1736. on the remains of a medieval fortress from the 15th century. The indispensable station is also a national theater also one of the symbols of Subotica, built in 1854. in classical style. At the entrance to the theater there are six Corinthian columns. Leisure time for a walk.


Returning to Belgrade at around 21h

At 19h, gathering a group in front of the bus and going to Belgrade. Coming to Belgrade at around 9 pm



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