Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

This is our privacy policy, which describes what our duties are towards users with respect to the personal data protection (GDPR) and how we use cookies.

Feel Serbia respects and safeguards the personal integrity of people visiting our website, in particular:

  • we guarantee that we will under no circumstance abuse, sell, or forward to third parties the data that you have provided to us.
  • we use cookies, as any other website, to collect anonymous data that we use to improve and better the functionalities of our website. It is based on these data that we know which content is popular.
  • we will collect no data, cookies, or personal information such as name and surname, email address, or domicile without explicit consent of the user.

Rules of personal data protection

Portal feelserbia.com receives your personal data when you sign up for our news/newsletter, and when you registering on the Registration of new members’ membership page

The data collected during registration is the name, surname, year of birth, gender, information whether you are suffering from MS, place of residence, email address and / or phone number. These data are used for your registration as a member of the association and do not have the function of accessing specific portal functions. E-mails or phone numbers left during registration are for the purpose of realizing the communication of the association and you, as well as for providing the necessary information, news, surveys, in order to achieve the defined objectives of the Association.

The data we collect when you sign up for our news/newsletter are email addresses, name and surname. The user hereby agree that by signing up for our newsletter they give consent and agree to receive news about MS platform Serbia activities. The user is hereby informed that they can cancel and revoke consent to receive this news at any point by clicking on the field “unsubscribe me” in the bottom of the newsletter. To collect these data and send the newsletter, the website feelserbia.com uses the services of the company MailChimp which also operates in line with the EU legislation (GDPR). You can check this information at the following links: Privacy Policy https://mailchimp.com/legal/privacy/ and Terms of Use. https://mailchimp.com/legal/terms/

The data are collected with the best of intents, while respecting the privacy of the user. The data are used for communicating with the user and allowing for a better use of our website.

In addition, anonymous data such as the IP address, time, and type of the browser are also collected via cookies. These data are used to improve the functionalities of the website and collect anonymous statistical data such as visits or popular content.

Cookies are benevolent and so the data they have collected are anonymous. Personal data and cookies are collected solely based on explicit consent of the user and are used only for the use of our website. In addition, third party cookies, such as Google cookies are collected with the prior consent of the user and are used only to monitor the website statistics.

The user has the right to ask for data collected by a webpage to be changed or deleted. Any complaint can be sent to office@feelserbia.com

Data security

To ensure that users’ personal data are secure, MS platforma Srbije has undertaken all objective measures, including organizational, technical and staff-wise to ensure that the data are secured from loss, unauthorised change, theft, or access.

All staff that handles users’ personal data are required to handle the data with maximum care, respecting the privacy of the user.