In less than 100 kilometers, more precisely, some 80 kilometers away from the Belgradecapital of our country, in the beautiful and lush Šumadija, there is one beautiful town bearing the symbolic name – Topola. This town is located in the northern part of Sumadija and occupies even 15% of the Šumadija district. The favorable geographical position and natural conditions in the municipality of Topola have created favorable conditions for the lives of people in this region since the earliest times. Locations and archaeological findings confirm these findings.

In the Neolithic era, there was a large settlement on the site of the Lift in the village of Lipovac and smaller neolithic settlements in the Blaznave, Donje Trnave, Belosavci and Topola. In the ancient times, today’s territory of the Popol municipality was part of the province of Upper Mezia, which represented the Roman Empire. In the area of ​​Topola village, the remains of the Roman material culture were found: the capitals of the columns and the foundations of the foundations from the late Roman period (Svetlić). Also found were remains of Byzantine buildings and money that indicate the presence of early Byzantine civilization in this area (Mascar).

Poplar is located at the foot of the famous Oplenac hill, famous for its significant cultural and historical monument – the mausoleum of King Peter I. In fact, it is not just a regular mausoleum, but it is part of the church of St. George, which is very specific because it was built like a temple. In addition to cultural and historical monuments, the city of Topola is characterized by beautiful nature in the area – numerous coniferous forests and valleys of the already mentioned rivers; the city itself extends at a pleasant altitude of 250 meters. It is very well connected with other parts of our country, and from other major cities, besides Belgrade, it does not share a large kilometer: from Gornji Milanovac – 40 kilometers; from Kragujevac – 42 kilometers; and from Arandjelovac 12 kilometers. Therefore, the geographical position of Topola is very favorable for the development of tourism in this city, because the city is located near the big city centers of our country, then it has many tourist attractions in the form of numerous cultural and historical monuments, and its nature is a special story for itself; To make it all the more complete, the climate in Topola is moderate-continental, which means that the temperatures are very pleasant at any time of the year and that there are no major “climatic surprises”.


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