City of Nis is the regional center of southern Serbia. Tourist visits to this city have been enhanced since Constantine the Great Airport has been in operation again. Whether you want to visit citiy of Nis by airplane or car, you will certainly be very pleased with what this city has to offer. Distance from Serbian capital Belgrade to Nis is 250km. 

Nis was and remains a city significant in all historical periods. In it was birth place of Emperor Constantine, when the city itself was even more important. Great Serbian rulers Stefan Nemanja and Frederik Barbaros also met here. Since it was occupied by Turks, Germans, Bulgarians, there are many foreign influences here. Therefore, there are many sights that you can see in city of Nis. The Nis Fortress is certainly something you can not miss because it is in the city center. This is one of the seals and pride of the city. Its trails are beautifully decorated, providing you with the opportunity to visit the fortress on foot. For those who prefer to fit comfortably and track every detail there is also a driver. Nišville, the most famous jazz festival in Serbia, is held here. Festive and music festivals are held on this big summer stage.
Within the fortress is the Bali Bey Mosque, whose interior has been turned into an exquisite gallery. For her tour, it will be enough to separate an hour, while for the whole fortress one afternoon is necessary.

The tower is the second sign of the city of Nis. It is a sign and a memorial to the wishes of the Serbian people for independence. The Serbs were such a people and they were ready to give their lives for freedom, and this tower is the real representative of it. Made of human skulls, it will a bit frighten you, but at the same time you will awaken great admiration.If you are willing to leave a little out of the city’s faith, you should definitely visit the memorial park Bubanj. And he represents the desire of the Serbian people for liberation, rebellion against the occupying forces and mass shootings. The symbol of the park are three fists that designate one family. The visit to the Drum Park will especially appeal to you because of the connection with the nature that you will feel here. Knowing how many people had to break through because of the desire for freedom, you will appreciate even more.

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