Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a city in the north of Serbia and the second largest in the Republic of Serbia. Every year, this city passes through a large number of tourists, because he really has something to offer. It is influenced by the influence of culture from the direction of Hungary and the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, which left an indelible mark on this city. Due to its position, importance in political and cultural sense and numerous beauty that it can offer, Novi Sad truly represents a regional center.

Novi Sad has an interesting nickname, which is Serbia Athens. You will wonder why this is so, actually in  Novi Sad always have been living  people who were interested in culture, science and art. Interesting is the fact that the famous Albert Einstein with his wife, Mileva Marić, lived here. This speaks to you enough about the special features of Novi Sad Serbia. It was sure that it was an inspiration, and a refuge and home for people who were not born in him, but they were tied in the heart. In addition to Alberta, well-known Serbian writers Miroslav Antić, Danilo Kiš, writer and teacher Zaharie Orfelin and many others lived in Novi Sad.

In the outskirts of the city, you will see Fruska Gora, or, as it is otherwise called, Serbian World Mount. This mountain wreath extends to the city itself and many famous monasteries are built on it. If you are attracted to this part of Serbian history, you will find peace and tranquility in Krušedol, Novi Hopovo, Petkovica.In addition to these three, there are 14 monasteries on Furska Gora. In the vicinity of almost every monastery there is a source of potable, cold water, the real treasures of the natural wealth of this region.
One of the most famous fortresses in Novi Sad Serbia is the Petrovaradin Fortress. Her charm will conquer you as far as you can see. And only if you come to be … The streets of the cobblestones, the tower and the tower towers are truly impressive. If you want to relax, there are several cafes on the fort, from which you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Danube.
The center of Novi Sad is a place where they combine modern and traditional. In Pasiceva Street there is a large promenade, the Saborna church, numerous shops and cafes, little by little. Architecture from the Austrian-Hungarian period connects with the urban style of building. Going through this street you will meet the Austrians, the Russians, the Italians, the Hungarians, the English, a really wide spectrum of nations. The diversity is exactly what is best adorned with one of the most famous streets of this city.

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