Subotica and Palić Lake

Palic lake and Subotica – Charm of secession in north Serbia


The rich cultural heritage, the ardent architecture, the multicultural spirit and the European charm are the “city in the north of Backa” famous phrase of all Subotica. Subotica and Palic lake connect one street, and we can look at them from the tourist point as a whole. From Belgrade, Subotica is 190 kilometers away, and it is a city that has no turbulent life or traffic jams. Extraordinary cultural heritage, multicultural spirit, richly decorated buildings and European charm are the features that make this city different. Subotica is famous for its relaxed atmosphere, good food and quality wines. A number of activities are available to tourists besides lakes, on farmland, in farms or in forests. East of Subotica, about 8 kilometers away, there is Palić – lake and settlement. The ideal place for rest and enjoyment is Palic lake, a beautiful park, a recognizable lake, peace and tranquility.

The unique symbol of Subotica is the Town House which was built in 1912 by the architects Komor and Jakob. A large wardrobe with luxurious stained-glass windows stands out in the center of the Town Hall, and at the height of 45 meters, there is a gazebo with a beautiful view.The Franciscan Church is another tourist attraction that was built in 1736 on the remains of a medieval fortress from the fifteenth century. More precisely, in the inner wall of the church tower, the only preserved traces of that fortification can be seen.

In the style of the Hungarian secession, in 1902, the Synagogue was 40 meters high and in the main part of the Synagogue there are benches for 850 men and 550 seats for women in the gallery. The National Theater is one of the unavoidable symbols of Subotica and this building was built in 1854 in the classical style. At the entrance to the theater there are six Corinthian columns. The Rajhl Palace, which once belonged to Ferenc Rahjhl, was built in 1904 in the style of secession, and today it houses the House of Art Contemporary Art Contest.

The city itself is enchanting with a specific combination of cultures that is reflected in the architectural style, and only 8 kilometers from Subotica is a natural attraction – Palic Lake. The lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Serbia, and in its surroundings there is a beautiful nature, a large number of catering facilities, sports fields, and the ZOO. The zoo, founded in 1949, has found a large number of various animal species in its habitat, and the Zoo is an indispensable place for all visitors to Palic lake.
Although the influential US list in 2014 ranked Subotica as the list of destinations in the world to be visited that year, our proposal is that this (if not already) you do this year.

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