Vrnjačka spa


Vrnjačka banja spa – place which every citizen of Serbia knows. The most developed Serbian spa with a long tradition, the queen of spa tourism of Serbia, is conveniently located in the very heart of Serbia. It is 200 km away from Belgrade, on the northern slopes of the Goč Mountains, in the valleys of Lipovačka and Vrnjacka River, Vrnjacka Banja Spa is one of the largest, most advanced and most developed.

Vrnjačka promenada, an inevitable destination for all spa visitors, is located in the very center of the city. With a length of over 2 kilometers, the promenade offers numerous places for rest and relaxation, and directly from the promenade you can easily reach the Roman spring, the Japanese garden or the Lake source. Already with the first step of the Vrnjacka promenade, you will meet with numerous signs that will point you to the Castle of Culture, to some of the mineral water sources, the bridge of love … All the spa roads lead right onto the promenade, often merging with the mascot – sparrow Gocka.
The mascot and trademark of the Vrnjacka spa is just a sparrow Gocko, and a statue of over 2 meters high in the center of the city welcomes tourists dressed in folk costumes – opanki and a hooker.
The  Garden in Vrnjacka banja spa, the second one in Serbia, represents a harmonious unity and a set of elements of a living and inanimate nature, which in this case complement each other. It covers about 3000 square meters, and artificial lake, cascade waterfall, wooden bridge, paved narrow trails, wooden house, beautiful night lights and interesting lighthouse design make this garden interesting for tourists of Vrnjacka Banja Spa.

The great advantage and beauty of the Vrnjacka banja spa is that it has about 60 hectares of surface without traffic. The central Vrnjacki park is decorated in baroque style, dominated by a Roman spring as well as flower rondels – the pride of the Vrnjacka banja. Vrnjacki park can be visited by a ferryman or a tourist carriage that runs daily.In the Vrnjacki park, to the left of the Vrnjacka River in a small valley, there is the source of Vrnjacka Banja under the name “Jezero”. The source “Jezero” is located half way between the sources “Snežnik” and “Slatina”. Vrnjacka Banja offers a total of 7 impressive mineral springs, and according to her guests, it is perfect for so much, for treatment, fun, enjoyment, recreation, sports activities, walks, fishing, business seminars …

One of the oldest buildings of the Vrnjacka spa, the summer house of General Jovan Belimarkovic, baptized as a “Castle of Culture” in the 20th century, is located in the center on an elevation above the Toplog spring. Today it is a place where many manifestations, concerts, presentations, promotions and cultural events are held, and within it is a local museum with its permanent setting.


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