Zlatibor is located in south-west Serbia, and is territorially limited to the Kreman Valley in the northwest, the Sušica valley and the Mačkata area in the north, the mountain Murtenica in the southeast and the Uvac River in the south. 230 km from Belgrade. This car is traveling about three and a half hours this time, while the bus travels around 4 hours. Through Zlatibor, the Belgrade-Podgorica main road passes, making it easily accessible to a large number of potential guests. Special charm is represented by the mountain peaks Tornik (1496m), which is also the highest peak of Zlatibor and Čigota (1422m), from which there is an amazing view of the Zlatibor plateau.

The first thing that attracts the attention of tourists when they come to Zlatibor is Zlatiborsko Lake, which is the most beautiful decoration of the tourist center. Immediately above the lake there is the Kral Square, a spacious plateau and a promenade, where various cultural events and concerts are organized throughout the year. From Kraljevo Square, the road leads to a shopping center with a large number of cafes, restaurants, night clubs and boutiques.

Zlatibor is also suitable for families with small children, due to a variety of entertainment activities such as car driving on Kraljevo Square, Park Adventure, Dino Park, etc. The greatest attention is attracted by the Dino Park, one of the newest entertainment facilities, located in the beautiful ambience of the Zlatibor forest, only 300m from the tourist center. Fun can be found in other activities such as: squash, archery, tubing, zip line, riding, roller skating …

In the immediate vicinity of Zlatibor there are many tourist attractions like Mokra Gora, Šargan Eight railroad, Drvengrad, Uvac which contributes to the popularity of this mountain.

Stopica cave, 19 km away from the tourist center, got its name after the Stopici hamlet where it is located, and according to the way it originates, it belongs to river caves. It is 1690m long, which is one of the twenty largest caves in Serbia. The biggest attraction and trademark of the Stopica cave are bigrene bathtubs, they have over a hundred different sizes, and the most beautiful are in the spring when they are filled with water.


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