Đavolja Varoš i Niš

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Đavolja Varoš i Niš

Grand ePanoramic tour

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

The unique natural monument Djavolja Varos is located 288 km away from Belgrade, and 89 km from Nis, in the south of Serbia, near Prolom Banja. This natural monument consists of two very rare natural phenomena. The ground figures, as unique relief forms and mineral water sources with a very high amount of acidity make the place unique in this part of Europe.

The surrounding natural environment is very specific, so it gives an even more mystical shape to the whole region. The area has been created to the soil erosion, because of the big amount of mineral water consists of 202 earth pyramids made of sandstone and marl, with “caps” on the top.  Nis has been an administrative, military and trade center of various states and empires, which he belonged to during his long history. In the area of todays Nis, which was ancient town Nais, roman imperators were born – Constantine the Great and Constance III.

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

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South Serbia region
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Tour plan


Djavolja varos

Departure in the morning hours (around 8AM), and the drive to Djavolja Varos, for approximately 3 hours



After an hour drive, we stop in the center of the city, where we continue the tour to the fortress



After visiting the fortress, you will have free time for individual activities. Return to Belgrade at the agreed time, the drive will last for about two and a half hours.

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