Feel Belgrade Welcome tour

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Feel Belgrade Welcome tour

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Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

Feel Belgrade Welcome tour. According to research Belgrade with its tourist potentials is defined as destination for shorts visits usually two to three days. But we think that this period is too short for you to discover all its beauty. We prepare for you the possibility to get to know Belgrade on the best possible way with one wonderful walk through its history.

You will find out why Belgrade is the city where you can see and feel influence and spirit of both east and west and learn how this city on the crossroad survived for more than 3000 years, who built the Belgrade Fortress, how this city survived its many conquers and never lost its spirit and desire for freedom. History aside, the moment we are living right now is even more interesting than its history. Please join us and get to know Belgrade and let it get to know you.

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

All day
Belgrade region
19€ / per person
  • Departure Time
  • Return Time
  • Included
    Professional licensed guide service
    One drink per person at the end of the tour
  • Not Included
    Individual costs

Tour plan


Meeting in front of hotel Moskva at 9h

Meeting of our group will take place in front of hotel Moskva at the previously agreed time. Our official licensed guide will be waiting for you in front one of the oldest hotels in the city. After the short introduction we will begin our journey through history.At the very beginning you will get to know Belgrade through some of the basic information regarding history and development of the city.


Albanian Palace, Knez Mihailova street and The Republic Square

We will take a walk and pass the Albanian Palace and via Knez Mihailova street and will stop at The Republic Square. On this central square, favorite meeting point for the young and the place where big events are being held, we will stay for about 15 minutes. The Republic Square is the main square where we will see monument dedicated to Knez Mihailo, liberator of the city from the Ottoman Empire, National Museum, National Theatre… We will continue our tour to the Knez Mihailova street, main city pedestrian zone where you can see many beautiful buildings and many boutiques and stores from various famous brands.


Taverna “?”

At the end of the street we will take a left to the oldest pub in the city called “ ? “,


Patriarchate of the Serbain Orthodox church

Patriarchate of the Serbian Orthodox church


Residence of Princess Ljubica

and the residence of Princess Ljubica. We can view this as one of the key places in the history of this city.


Belgrade Fortress Kalemegdan

We will move on to the Belgrade Fortress – Kalemegdan, the gem of the city. Today medieval Fortress Kalemegdan is beautiful park and one of the reasons why Belgrade is such unique city. The Fortress that lies at the confluence of the rivers Sava and Danube was first constructed during XIII century and was perfected by Austro Hungarian builders. This fortress stood as a witness to the many great conquers such as Atila the Hun, Suleiman the Magnificent and many others. We will begin our tour of the Kalemegdan Fortress from the highground. You will have the perfect view of Novi Beograd and Zemun. We will then continue our tour to the Monument of Gratitude to France, Serbian ally from the First World War. After that we will reach the Statue of Victor, the symbol of Belgrade. This statue represents a work of art from famous sculptor Ivan Mestrovic. The Victor holds the sword in one hand and the dove of peace in the other. This represents the spirit of the city. It will greet any visitor with open arms and in peace. On the other hand the sword represents the struggle for freedom.



From Kalemegdan we will continue our tour to the part of the city called Dorcol. The name Dorcol was given by the Ottomans. 



Bajrakli mosque

By walking through the narrow streets we will reach Bajrakli mosque, the oldest and the only preserved mosque in Belgrade. 


Caffe bar Avanturist

This is the moment when we will take a short brake in Caffe Bar Avanturist, authentic bar which represents a perfect place for all the travelers.

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