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Zemun – city in the city is located on the right bank of the Danube, in the immediate vicinity of the confluence of the Sava into the Danube. Still in Neolithic people, they used a favorable position by the river and founded a settlement that, at the time of the Celts and the Romans, was called TAURUNUM.

Today, with favorable geographical position at the crossroads of the roads, on the banks of the two rivers, with rich history and great values ​​of cultural heritage, Zemun is a significant tourist destination for both foreigners and domestic tourists. Old Zemun is the core of Belgrade and emotionally connects everyone who is in it. The old core of Zemun is a very picturesque part of the city, a special atmosphere and ambient values.  Great part of Zemun and its history are the taverns. Long tradition of small family taverns located in the old part on the bank of the Danube is one of the main reasons why you should visit Zemun. If you would like to taste some great specialties made from fresh fish from Danube then Zemun is the right place for you. During the night in every tavern after the dinner you can enjoy in local acoustic music whole night.

Gardoš, according to the stories, is remembered as a settlement of fishermen, craftsmen and pillars, still lives untapped atmosphere in the tourist metropolis in Belgrade. The wreckage of the guards settlement is characterized by its specificity and as an essential element of the urban image of Belgrade on the right bank of the Danube and as a marking sign of the Sava mouth in the Danube, opposite Kalemegdan. Walking through Zemun, we will visit the Gardoš Tower, the Temple of St. Nicholas Church, the library “Sveti Sava”, Madlenianum and finally Zemunski kej, with a number of rafts-restaurants, where you can stop and try some of the local specialties.


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Zemun Fortress

We begin the sightseeing tour of the Zemun Fortress and Gardoš Towers. The Zemun fortress originates from the early Middle Ages and is located on today’s Gardoš. From the former fortification only four quadruple citadels were preserved, in the center of which was built in 1896, Millennium Tower, today more famous as the Sibinjanin Janka Tower.


Gardos Tower

The Gardoš Tower is one of the four Millennium Towers built by the Hungarian authorities in all four corners of the world, in the farthest cities of the kingdom, and is the only such preserved monument that has remained in the territory of other states, except in Hungary.

Today, as a cultural and historical monument of special significance, Kula Gardoš is increasingly becoming one of the more visited tourist destinations of Zemun and Belgrade, where the visitors have at their disposal a studio and gallery Čubrilo, a permanent setting dedicated to the image of Milutin Milanković in the form of three-dimensional models and software on his life and work and going to the 360-degree tower overlooking the tower, provides a magnificent view of the Danube, Zemun, Belgrade and their surroundings. We continue to the Nikolajevska church. The church of the Holy Father Nikolai, or better known as the Nikolaev Church, is the Orthodox Orthodox church of the earth. It was built in the period from 1745-1752. year old, straw-covered wooden Serbian church.


St. Nikola church


St. Sava Library

The Nikolajevska church is the oldest orthodox temple of the old core of Zemun and the oldest sacral structure preserved in the city of Belgrade. The monument of culture and the immovable cultural property was established in 1948. The visit is followed by the “Saint Sava” Library, the oldest Serbian library founded in the XIX century. It is located next to the Church of the Holy Virgin, at the place of the former school where, according to the plans at that time, there should be a reading room for “national enlightenment”.


Opera & Theatre Madlenianum

We will also visit the opera house Madlenianum. Opera and theater MADLENIANUM was founded in 1998, as the first private opera in this part of Europe.

The founder and donor of MADLENIANUM is Madeleine Zepter, whose investments in culture and art represent the largest contemporary event in this field, not only in our country, but also in European proportions, in general. MADLENIANUM is organized as a model of a new musical stage theater in our country without our own ensemble, but with a permanent organizational administrative apparatus and technical team.


Zemun promenade

We continue our walk to the Zemun promenade. The favorite promenade in this part of Belgrade, with a view of the Great War Island. The story of Zemun is finished here, followed by free time for a walk and a break at some of the restaurants.


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