Fortress Golubac

Fortress Golubac

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Fortress Golubac – one of the best preserved medieval towns. Situated on a rocky slope, at the very entrance to the Djerdap Gorge, Golubac fortress is one of the best preserved fortified medieval towns in Serbia that is believed toaq have been built in the early thirteenth century. Golubac was mentioned for the first time in 1335, as a fortress with Hungarian crew; However, although the city was erected before it is not known who it was and when it was built.

According to historical data Golubac begins to develop in the mid-14th century, after the death of King Dragutin and the danger of the Turks. During the reign of the despot Stefan Lazarevic, Golubac was part of the Serbian state that after his death there was a conflict between heirs and Hungary. The Golubac Fortress today provides you with insights into the remains of the period of a Turks but also the Romans. Fortress Golubac represents the rest of the former fortified city, and it consists of nine towers whose heights range from 20 to 25 meters, with interlocking walls with average heights of about 3 meters. On the banks of the Danube, in the lower part of the city, the remains of the former palace are visible, and upstream of it, the Turks have added a low eighth tower to protect the city.
The Golubac City Fortress is gathering numerous tourists, located within the National Park Djerdap and declared a cultural monument of exceptional importance. With the fort, the Danube reaches a width of 6 to 8 kilometers, creating a huge lake in the middle and a large island.

Tourists visit the fortress because this is a true mix of cultures and civilizations, and that’s exactly what makes it a real attraction.
When you are in this region of Serbia, you are given the opportunity to visit the nearby Tuman Monastery, located about 9 km from.
The bastard at the foot of the pigeon mountains surrounded by forests. Monastery stories say that the Tuman originated as the endowment of the Kosovo hero Miloš Obilić.
If you have decided to visit this medieval castle that we talked about in the text, which extends extensively on the slopes of the Carpathians and just above the Danube proudly defies the time of the time, we can only say “mildly to you”.


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