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Iron gate (Djerdap gorge) – the longest and largest in Europe . The Đerdap gorge (Iron Gate), formed a few hundred thousand years ago, by separating the mountain massif of the Carpathians, is the most beautiful part of the national park “Đerdap”, which occupies almost 64,000 hectares and is located along the right bank of the Danube. The main center of the gorge is the town of Donji Milanovac, and the other important center is the city of Kladovo. It is about 230 kilometers from Belgrade, and the gorge itself consists of several parts that make up one of the most beautiful scenes in this part of the world. At this place, the Danube changes its width, winds and falls to build a gorge of high rocky cliffs.

Old merchants from ancient Greece transported goods here in small wooden ships, Djerdap is thus mentioned since the era of the new era, and it is gaining importance during the Roman emperors when the roads on the left and right shores break through. Many Roman emperors wanted to arrange Djerdap starting with Julius Caesar, while Trajan, the conqueror of Dakia, who was able to secure the passage through the gorge, left the most significant trace. The Djerdap gorge, with its length of 130 kilometers, is the longest cliff of Europe. Grandiose Djerdap Klisus is also known as the Iron Gate because of its impenetrable, craving and power. The gorge consists of several parts (from Donji Milanovac to Sip: Gornja klisura, Lady Vir, Velika and Mali kazan and Sipska klisura), which are separated by seals from one another.
The largest depth of the Danube, about 82 meters, is recorded in the Lady’s source. The most beautiful scenes can be seen in Kazan, where the walls rise up to 300 meters above the water, and right here the Danube changes its width, so that its basin here has a bowl-like vessel, and this part has got its name.

One of the most important archaeological sites of Serbia, Lepenski Vir, is located on the Danube terrain on Djerdap, and if you are visiting this region, you should not miss to visit this prehistoric site as well as the Lepenski Vir museum.
On the right bank of the Danube, at the very entrance to the Djerdap Gorge, there is a fortress Golubac or the “keeper of the Danube”, as many call it.
The best way to get to the gorge is by boat or boat, and during the summer months you can see all of its natural beauties as well as the combination of modern and antique that characterizes this part of Serbia.

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