Kopaonik is one of the most active mountains in this part of Europe and one of the five national parks in Serbia. His beauty wants to see people from all over the world and is equally attractive both in summer and in winter. Very often you can hear the other name for this beautiful mountain – Sunny Mountain. Here the sun shines even 200 days during the year. So get out of the box because the summer here has many of its charms. During the winter, Kopaonik is a snowy, sunny king, and the greatest winter pleasure is enjoyment in the skiing down the Kopaonik slope. You can also ski at Kopaonik at night. This has its advantages, especially if you do not like the daily crowd. Greatly illuminated trails and nightlife baths will bring you real pleasure. After a night ski tour you can warm up with a cup of cooked wine in one of the nearby cafes.The real conquerors will want to reach Pančić’s peak, the highest point of the mountain. Two thousand meters is a little thing for you. Here you will feel like you are at the top of the world.

In addition to skiing there are certainly other activities, such as the exciting running of snowmobiles, snowboarding, riding, hiking or cycling.If you want to cool in the summer months, we highly recommend a visit to Kopaonik waterfalls, Jelovarnik and a waterfall on the Barska river. For those who are always in the forefront of health, they can be connected nicely and usefully by visiting the Jošanjička or Kuršumlijska Spa. If you are tired of many physical activities, you can slow down the pace and visit some of the nearby churches and monasteries. We recommend that you visit Studenica, Sopoćane and Žiča. They are located near this mountain and are of great importance for Serbian history. 

In the past 10 years Kopaonik became one of the regional congress centers with great accommodation capacity and good position between capital Belgrade and city of Nis which is a regional center. One of the most important events on Kopaonik is business forum at the beginning of March which is unofficially called Serbian Davos economic forum.


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