Mokra Gora

Mokra Gora – a blend of outcasts and modern times
The spirit of the devastated time and modern times: the old railway “Šarganska osmica”, ethno village Drvengrad but also the modern ski center with artificial cannons in its lush nature connects Mokra Gora.
A stony landscape overgrown with thick pine forests situated between Tara and Zlatibor was once known as Markovo better. It was a place where the Serbian hero of epic poetry, Marko Kraljević, switched from top to bottom from top to bottom. However, Mokra Gora, today is a famous tourist attraction, not a historical tradition …
A real small paradise, Mokra Gora, is located only 210 kilometers from Belgrade, and is located along the border with Bosnia, between Tara and Zlatibor mountains.
This is definitely a nature park that will provide you with a rest and enjoyment like the one in the most famous European tourist centers. Nature park “Shargan – Mokra Gora” covers an area of 10,813 hectares.

An oasis of untouched nature is the impression given by the Mokra Gora which is surrounded by the mountains and cliffs of White Rzava, Crni Rzav and Kamiska Reka. A large number of mineral springs (of which the most famous source of White Water), the waterfalls of the Skakavaca as well as Hajdučka and Red Caves give special value to this nature park.
Remnants of the old Roman cobblestone, metal money at the Roman or Greek cemetery can be found right here because Mokra Gora was at a significant crossroads of roads. Of the buildings that carry the breath of history, the medieval church of Sv. The Krsanje Campaign, which was burnt and rebuilt on several occasions. The church of St. Elijah was once a church – a log cabin where the locals themselves were icons of the iconostasis, and their signatures can be found on each icon.

The famous director, Emir Kusturica, is the creator of the most famous tourist attractions in Mokra Gora. The Drvengrad complex, located on the hill Mecavnik above Mokra Gora, is made up of authentic wooden chairs up to a hundred years old. In the center of Drvengrad there is the square “Diego-Armando Maradona”, dominated by the church of St. Sava, as well as a wooden belfry next to it. Other buildings are named names of celebrities or cultural goods of Serbia and the world, so here they can find the cinema “Stenli Kjubik”, the library “Meša Selimović”, the gallery “Kapor”, the indoor pool “Milorad Cavic”, the souvenir shop “Aska” “Kod Ćorkana”, sports center “Prokleta avlija” and cafe-bar “Lotika” … In this unique village, Emir Kusturica founded the international film festival “Kustendorf”, which is held in January, and just in that time the Mokra The mountain is also the perfect place for skiers. From Drvengrad uphill, about 10 km to reach the ski resort “Iver”, which represents a new modern ski center with four lanes, cable cars and artificial snow cannons.

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