Cafe bar and restaurant Maska

Cafe bar and restaurant Maska

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Location: Rankeova 7

Café bar and restaurant MASKA was first in one-floor house on the corner of Rankeova and Branicevska Streets and there they hosted their first guests, and then moved to a luxury villa in the same street and became a cult spot of Cubura residents.

Café bar and restaurant Maska – When you want to feel comfortable and nice in a new exotic place, you do not have go far. It is enough to come to the quiet, old Vračar near the Church of Saint Sava in Rankeova 7 Street, where the Villa MASK waits for you tucked in among many other old, nice homes…

The villa was built back in 1926, now transformed in a place that will certainly not leave you indifferent! The exotic atmosphere of the Far East and antique pieces of furniture from our grandmothers, and all other details show the impeccable taste of the owners.

Maska was born as an addition to the eponymous shop of authentic Indonesian furniture, located in Vlajkoviceva Street. The new place in managed to translate the spirit of the old: designed like the researchers of Africa and the Far East brought their decorative objects: spears, masks, totem statuettes and left them as a decoration in the restaurant.

Cafe bar and restaurant Maska – Imagination of the owners takes most of the credit for both the interior and exterior design of the place. New Villa Maska continued the tradition and the concept of the old, (on the corner of Rankeova and Branicevska Street) only the new place is larger (300m2) and exudes a unique and calm atmosphere.

This place is standing proof that everything you imagine can become reality, with a lot of effort, patience and, above all, taste. Wherever you look you will understand the reason why each lamp, mirror, chair or figurine stands in that specific place. The most beautiful thing is that if you like some detail a lot, it can actually become yours – because of the stuff is sale.

We won’t reveal too much, but will just tell you this much: When you step into the new “Villa Maska” you will have the impression that you have lived in a black and white movie so far!

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