Restaurant Dva Jelena

Restaurant Dva Jelena

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Location: Skadarska 22 

Dva Jelena Restaurant is located in Skadarlija, bohemian quarter in Belgrade, also known as the Belgrade Montmartre (Montmartre is a part of Paris where the artistic elite of the city gathers for centuries).

Dva Jelena is one of the oldest and most popular taverns / restaurant in Belgrade and is also the largest à la carte restaurant, a symbol of tradition and Serbian national cuisine.

The restaurant was founded in 1832, and has been ever since bee proudly printing pages rich in history of Belgrade as one of the city’s favorite tavern, which even today brings together urban guardians of the capital spirit, national cuisine lovers and lovers of fine wines from around the world.

Restaurant Dva Jelena has several indoor spaces that can accommodate about 450 guests, and five terraces which can accommodate another 350 people. This restaurant is a place where every day you can enjoy good food, pleasant atmosphere and excellent service.

Piano Lounge enriches the atmosphere during lunch, while the evenings are reserved for an unforgettable time with tambourine and traditional music.

A while back, here in the tavern Dva Jelena could meet the famous Yugoslav and world diplomats, writers, actors and artists, such as Djura Jaksic, Zanke Stokic, Laza Kostic, Milovan Glisic, Josip Broz Tito, or even Margaret Thatcher, and in recent years, Pierce Brosnan, Gerard Depardieu, team of Jamie Oliver, Dino Merlin, or the cast of the film Montevideo.

Best of all, it seems, that every day here you can see smiling people from Belgrade and guests from round the world.

Invite your friends to lunch or dinner, relax in the beautiful atmosphere and taste delicious specialties. Feel Belgrade site provides the best information about Belgrade restaurants. We talk about a wide variety of restaurants, authentic places – all with the aim to assist you in choosing the right place where you will enjoy.

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