Restaurant Zavicaj

Restaurant Zavicaj

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Location: Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 366 

“Zavicaj” has four restaurants. The newest member of our chain is restaurant “Zavicaj” located on Zvezdara. Restaurants “Zavicaj” can be found on two locations in Belgrade, and in Siljakovac and Barajevo. The experience we have gathered during years attracted a large number of guests, and we are easily recognized by our ethno style. The trademark of our restaurant chain is high level of food quality and competitive prices.

The best of Serbian cuisine is being served in vivid ethno environment of “Zavicaj” restaurants. Corn bread “proja”, homemade „kajmak“, delicious cracklings, stewed chitterlings, roast meat and many other specialties  of local cuisine are served on the tables of our restaurants.

The special charm of “Zavicaj” restaurants is reflected in ethno decor which is creating tempting atmosphere for those who want to experience this authentic ambient. Plates, bowls, cups and cutlery are made of pottery.

Beer is served in mugs made of clay and traditional drink called „rakija” is served in so called “čokančić” that is actually unique type of a small traditional bottle. If you just take a look of the interior you can see decorated coffee pots on wooden shelves, old coffee mills, irons and similar details.

In Belgrade, at the corner of two Belgrade Streets – Gavrila Principa and Balkanska, small gourmet paradise “Zavicaj Beograd”  is situated. Ethno ambience that you can only find in museums, taste of local food and sounds of old folk songs makes you feel like you are in the country side.

Along Boulevard kralja Aleksandra you will arrive to the restaurant “Zavicaj Zvezdara”  at number 366. At the entrance of the restaurant there is a lush garden which reminds you of the style of a Greek island tavern. Nestled in this Belgrade suburb, “Zavicaj Zvezdara” is a perfect getaway from bustling city. This family restaurant is an ideal place for gathering with old friends or making new ones.

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