Café Ceger

Café Ceger

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Location: Skrelićeva 20

Restaurant “Ceger cafe” is located near the Temple of St. Sava and the National Library. Located in the heart of Vracar, it spreads over two levels with a large garden overlooking the Temple. The design and visual identity of Ceger Cafe is a reflection of effort, professionalism and love, and we are sure that no one who visits us will be indifferent.

The furniture is unique and handmade, and the first thing you will notice when you enter the venue will be specific chandeliers that are irresistibly reminiscent of boat lamps. In the rich restaurant offer you can find dishes from morning till dark, from breakfast to beefsteak, ramsteak and many other specialties prepared according to Ceger recipe.

Specialties such as burgers, salads, melters, spaghetti, risotto, fish specialties and must-have treats like Häagen-Dazs ice cream, cakes, fruit cups and shakes. Really something for everyone’s taste and different moods. You can also find a wide selection of hot beverages such as coffee, Dolcezza teas, hot chocolates, mulled wine, freshly squeezed fruit drinks, soft drinks and juices, beer, wine, spirits, cocktails, etc.

Unlike most outlets that offer classically squeezed juices, at Ceger, guests choose their own ingredients for a healthy mix that retains all the vitamins thanks to a modern machine for cold pressing fruits and vegetables. 

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