Supermarket Cafe

Supermarket Cafe

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Location: Višnjićeva 8

When you wish for something different, unique, and conceptualized, you can find it within the restaurant Supermarket Concept Store, Visnjiceva 10. The possibility of browsing through hundreds of unusual decorative and practical artifacts, a la applied art, and of buying in the shop while waiting for a sushi that is advertised as a unique in Belgrade (because none of their suppliers are from Serbia), is interesting itself.

Restaurant Supermarket Concept Store is probably the rare place in the city that is designed as to impress everyone. The junction of a shop, a bar, a restaurant and other app and service activities – gathered in one place – is made almost perfectly. Although rather vague, it may be the most gratifying epithet for explaining to a layman and someone whose foot has never set foot in the Supermarket what he really is.

A place to go shopping, for pleasure, for ideas, one of those that you will not be bored, just spent the whole day inside, because you are very likely to see and experience dozens of things that you have not had the opportunity to know before.

The Deli supermarket today adorns Topličin venac as an oasis of phenomenal and innovative meals and beverages, and is primarily catering oriented. However, Deli is also recognized as a place where you can find quality wines from Europe and the World, beverages and food that you will hardly see on conventional grocery chains. 

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

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