Old Mountain

Old Mountain – Stara Planina

Stara Planina or Old Mountain is the largest mountain in eastern Serbia, a high-mountain massif extending as a natural border to Bulgaria. It is 330km far from Belgrade, 70km from Niš and 50km from Knjazevac and Pirot. The highest peak is Midžor, 2169m. The other name for the Old Mountain is the Balkans, after which the Balkan Peninsula got its name. The fascinating beauty of untouched nature makes the Old Mountain the most beautiful mountain in the eastern part of Serbia and one of its most valuable tourist areas. It is a natural resource of extraordinary significance and a protected nature park is protected.

The mountain is a very exciting destination for lovers of preserved nature, where you can practice hiking, hiking, trekking, canyoning, enduro-racing, paragliding … The old mountain is almost five months under snow, on ski trails on altitudes between 1100 and 1900 meters is a good basis for winter sports practice.

Have you ever tasted the famous hard cheese from Stara Planina? If not, our suggestion is that you must do this at the first visit to this mountain beauty! Pirot cheese, cheese of exceptional quality, color, hardness and taste, which in the past came to the Sultan’s table, is mostly derived from the milk of two domestic breeds of sheep from Stara Planina – Pirotian pramenka and Pirotian pramenka, enhanced by centaurs of Stara Planina for centuries. A special process of ripening and salting cheese in the climatic conditions of Old Mountain has led to a uniquely recognizable quality and a kind of golden-yellow, extremely tasty cheese – Pirot kackaval with geographical origin, for the domestic and world market.

In past five years Old Mountain became one of the popular ski resorts in Serbia. With one of the most modern hotels and great capacity of congress halls beside the skiing Old Mountain is a great destination for congress or team buildings.

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