Tara National Park

Tara National Park – The lungs of Serbia


Tara National Park is one of the five national parks in Serbia. Another Serbian beauty is Tara Mountain. It was also declared a national park due to the rare plant and animal species inhabited here. You will often hear in the context of Tara and Pancic’s omorika, which we can freely say is her trademark. Tara differs to a certain extent from other famous Serbian mountains. It has retained its natural beauty, is not too urbanized, and that’s what attracts tourists most.
This natural attraction is at 1591 m above sea level. When you come to Tara National Park, you will most likely hear about Mitrovica. There is even a folk song about the connection between Tara and Mitrovica. Mitrovac is actually a large children’s resort. If you want to give your children an authentic impression of the Serbian mountain then this place is right for that. Within the center they will be able to swim, play football, volleyball, basketball. Also, since this is a children’s resort, your little ones will surely get new friends, which will make their stay in Tara even more beautiful.
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Lake Zaovine is located at 10km from Mitrovac. The calmness of this water will have a beneficial effect on your thoughts. On the other hand, if you love fishing, why not try it? In the waters of this mountain, you can catch the cat, carp, lilac.
If at the same time you love swimming and fishing, Lake Zaovine will like you very much.
If you are interested in the urban part of Tara National Park, visit the Kalugarska bara. It all started when one of the monks of the Raca Monastery built the first settlements in this area. Since then until today, this part stands out in terms of accommodation capacities and excellent hotels. The large plus of the Kalugarska bara is organized and organized skiing in this part of Tara National Park. The youngest can sneak in, and visit nearby hergels and try riding. On the other hand, if you want Tara to remain in your memory as a truly authentic treasure of nature, visit Predov Cross. It is the furthest point of this mountain and it is harder to reach for it. However, the nature that you can see here can not be compared with anything. Exceptional scenery and untouched nature will enchant you. Certainly the exploration of this part of the Tara National Park is reserved for real adventurers. Walking will tear you up, but do not give up! Be sure to also go to the Rope of the Rock, from where you will be able to see Lake Perućac, Drina River and Bajina Bašta.

As you can conclude, Tara has a lot to see. The peculiarity of this mountain is that it managed to keep the past look. Preserving plant and animal species everywhere should be prioriritet, and on Tara this rule is without exception. This mountain will always have a lot to offer to members of all generations who love untouched nature.

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