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Ethnographic Museum

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The ethnographic museum was founded in 1901 by the division of the ethnographic department from the National Museum. The proposal for the establishment of a museum was given by historian Stojan Novakovic , who was a member of the SANU.

In these museum there are various ethnographic items which were used in everyday life – earth and metalware, amulets, jewelry, glassware, weapons, tools and many others. Family life, customs, beliefs and folk creation are preserved from oblivion in this magnificent building.

On September 20th, 1904, the first permanent exhibition of the Ethnographic Museum was opened, on the occasion of the centenary of the First Serbian Uprising. At the beginning of its existence, the museum dedicated itself to the purchase of items and the representation of its state in the world. Unfortunately, during the First World War, a considerable number of cases were destroyed, but after the war, it begans field research to fill up museum collections.

Today, the museum library has about 60,000 publications (books and professional journals). In the period between two wars, a Department of Music Folklore and Ilustrative Department was established, and the subjects were sorted according to the material from which they were made. The museum has more than 120,000 items, of which about 50,000 are ethnographic objects.

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