Konak of princess Ljubica

Konak of princess Ljubica

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In the immediate vicinity of Saborna crkva and Patrijarsija, there is a magnificent architectural and historical building dedicated to princess Ljubica, the wife of prince Miloš Obrenović. Built in the period 1829-1831, the building was meant to represent a home for the family, the princess and the sons – Milan and Mihailo. Although he was supposed to represent the Obrenovic dynasty, Prince Milos did not stay in much of it, because Kalemegdan which was very near, was one of the most important strongholds of turkish army.

The Konak building symbolizes the passage of Belgrade from the Turkish Kasaba into the European modern capital, and this also reflected on the architecture of this building, where the influences and Ottoman and Western architecture of that time are noticeable.

The building changed its purpose, it was used for various national purposes, but in the end, it is renamed into the Museum of the City of Belgrade in 1980. The visit to this museum is different in that you will be welcomed by a curator dressed as a princess Ljubica, and will make the passage through the museum a striking and even closer to the life of the nobility. The museum has a permanent setting, and visitors can be well acquainted with the environments of the houses of that time, art, culture and the way of life of the population in 19th century.

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