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National Museum in the center of Belgrade, a magnificent building is located on the Republic Square, renovated in 2018. Now it is full of its brilliance and history for over 170 years. Oldest museum in Serbia, founded in distant 1844, moved into the present building in 1952.

Museum’s exhibition contains: old and rare manuscripts, works of applied art, numismatic, archaeological and historical objects, as well as exceptional work of art with an priceless value whose total number exceeds 400,000.

Earliest work written in Cyrillic – Miroslav’s Gospel, dating back to the 12th century, is located in this museum. In addition to him, there are numerous exhibits of the earliest cultures and peoples of the world – Neolithic, Vinic, Greek-Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine and many other cultures.

New permanent exhibition of the museum dates from the distant Paleolithic to the art of the 20th century. On three levels and imposing 5000 square meters, the National Museum’s setting will leave you breathless and deep cut into your most beautiful memories from Belgrade.

National Museum Belgrade is a highest rank institution of cultural importance, all collections inside have been detailed chosen by the best Serbian experts. Museum guides and tutors will kindly provide to you all necessary information and guide you through whole collection of museum. Exploring all historical, archaeological or art object will take you at least 3 hours of your time.

Belgrade mummy – an exhibit from ancient Egypt, donated to the museum in distant 1888, represents the curiosity of the National Museum. Works of domestic artists – Djura Jaksic, Paja Jovanovic, Uros Predic, as well as world artists – Van Gogh, Mondrian, Rubens, Monea and many others are also represented in the museum.

Within the National museum, there are also: Vuk and Dositej Museum, Fresco Gallery, Djerdap Archaeological Museum in Kladovo, Lepenski Vir Museum and Memorial Museum of Nadezda and Rastko Petrović.


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