Museum of Contemporary Art

Museum of Contemporary Art

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The building of the Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the beautiful part of the city, at the mouth of the Sava River in the Danube and can with its building stand alongside modern museums in Europe and the world. The building itself is a crystal composed of six parts. The museum houses works by the most important Serbian and foreign artists of the 20th century, and in front of the museum are the most eminent works of sculptors of that time.

First, a modern gallery was formed in 1958, and then in 1965 it would become a Museum of Contemporary Art, with the aim of presenting to the wider public the development of Yugoslav art from 1900 to the present day. In order to see the work from a different perspective, the museum does not have walls and barriers, although in fact it is divided into five different levels. In addition to the work of the previous epoch, the museum also contains collections of new media which are the part of art, such as photography, film, video, etc.

Within the museum there are important sections devoted to conversation and restoration of works of art, then the Center for Visual Culture and Information, as well as the youngest – design and multimedia department founded in 2001.

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