Museum of Nikola Tesla

Museum of Nikola Tesla

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The most famous Serb of all time, Nikola Tesla left some of his legacy in the museum of the same name in Krunska Street. The prewar building represents a monument and homage to our famous world scientist whose inventions in physics, electronics and electricity are rarely surpassed. He was one of the main people in the construction of the first hydroelectric power plant in Niagara Falls, where he got his monument. He was the first Serb nominee for the Nobel Prize, which he rejected in 1937.

According to him, the international unit of measure for the density of magnetic flux is called. He is the author of a large number of patents, as many as 650 of them – 113 in the field of electronics, which are registered in over 26 countries of the world. This museum is a unique institution of science, culture and epochal discoveries, and its importance goes beyond the frames of our country, because it is the only one who owns Nikola Tesla’s original personal heritage – documents, plans, newspapers, books, photographs, exhibits, technical instruments, etc.

The man who changed the world we know, deserves much more, but visiting his museum in Belgrade will be the first step in your interest in the life and work of Nikola Tesla.

Tour in the museum is a unique experience, guided tours are usually made on every hour. After buying a ticket one of the local guide will gather the group welcome you and start the tour. After short introduction first you will see a short film about Nikola Tesla and his life, then you will continue to see some of his most interesting inventions. Most interesting part in the whole tour is a moment when you will participate in some experiments instructed by your guide. At the end you will have free time for yourself to enjoy in the rest of  the Nikola Tesla Museum.

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