Smederevo fortress

Smederevo fortress

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Smederevo fortress is one of the most beautiful fortresses in this part of Europe. One is a strange but very striking story. Intriguing myths are related to the rich and long Serbian history. If you have the desire to grab beneath the surface, head to the Smederevo Fortress.
Although it is true that Despot Đurađ Branković erected this magnificent fort that covers as many as 11 hectares, however, his wife, Jerina, left a somewhat stronger trail. Throughout history, the story is about the evil, or the damned Jelena, who forced the laymen to work on the fortress for the day.

Thus, the Smederevo fortress was erected on the bones of the workers, because a large number of them died from fatigue during the construction. This is a bit freaking story for such a beautiful building, but if you love horror movies a bit, then this story will make you more interested.
If it ever occurred to you to pursue a hidden treasure, perhaps this is the place for this adventure. The lecture says that somewhere in the fortress was a secret treasure of Jerina, which is still being sought today. Take the lamps and arm yourself with courage, maybe you will be the one who will find it!In addition, if we neglect the emergence of the fortress, we will agree that it is truly enchanting. It is primarily built on an exceptional location, close to the mouth of Rzava in the Danube. Just the existence of a water surface makes the surroundings of the Smederevo fortress much more colorful. Spacious greenery, river and fortress will make you feel as though you were in the Middle Ages.

These are two parts of one same fortress, but from different periods and with different purposes. The small town was actually a home of a despotic family. The construction period lasted only two years! Yes, the damned Jerina really wanted to get into the despot castle!
In Veliki, the Serbs were hiding from Turkish attacks. However, despite the great towers and trenches, the fortress fell under Turkish rule.
The emphasis here is on history and culture, but we will not ignore the fact that fairs, conferences, festivals are organized here. The Smederevo Fortress provides the perfect backdrop for such events.
Depending on what you love, you will find yourself an occupation. If you like wine, there are “Smederevska jeseni”. If you are interested in theater, there is “Fortress Theater”. But you still think of that treasure, do not you?

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