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Another natural jewel of Western Serbia is the Uvac River. The canyon of this river has a very unusual shape and it consists of three lakes – Uvac, Radoinjsko and Zlatarsko. Close to the canyon of this river is the Zlatar Mountain. That’s why many tourists merge a tour of the canyons and mountains during the visit to this part of Serbia.
Over the years and in the course of changing the course of the river, numerous meanders have been created that give this canyon a form of snake. This is what leaves the biggest impression on every visitor. What nature can do with its forces, a man might never have.

Make sure you get to the higher points around the canyon and you will see a spotless sight in front of you. A wonderful aspect, untouched nature of nature, will open to you in front of your eyes. One of the most beautiful views extends from the Prayer Hill. And how to get there? Our advice is that, if you are not in good shape, complete the experience of this canyon and rent an off-road vehicle to reach the hill. A protected species that lives only in the Uvac canyon is a white-headed sup. In addition to him, another predator housed in this place is a dry eagle. These two big birds circumnavigate the canyon throughout the day. If you stay a few hours in this area, it’s certain that you will have the opportunity to see them. It would be great to take a bin to see their nest.
Through the canyon you can go with a boat or canoe. Give yourself this kind of adventure. The reason for this is the existence of a large number of caves – Ušacka, Javorinska, Ledena and many others to be explored. Each of them is decorated with stalactites, pillars and needles.

And if you are wondering where to stay near this wondrous nature, there are many solutions for that. If you want to connect with nature completely, then camping on the coast of Lake Uvac is the right option for you.

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