Arandjelovac and Bukovica Spa

The town of Arandjelovac, 70 km away from Belgrade, is located at the foot of the mountains of Bukulja and Venčac, about 255 meters above sea level. Administrative facts indicate that the city belongs to the Šumadija district with headquarters in Kragujevac, and in Arandjelovac itself there is a Bukovica spa surrounded by Bukovica forests. This oasis in the heart of Šumadija returned its tourist glow which was still in the 19th century, and the first association to the city of Arandjelovac is one of the largest aquapark in the region that has as many as 12 slides.

Versatile accommodation that will satisfy and make hedonists, a great climate in the summer and historical sights about two royal dynasties, rich gastronomic specialties, an adrenaline experience through sporting content or good nightlife are just some of the motives why tourists visit this villa located in the heart of Sumadija .We mentioned at the beginning of the text the famous 19th century, and historical facts reveal that the town of Arandjelovac got its name. According to historical data, Prince Miloš often visited the Bukovica spa. In 1858, he decided to build a church dedicated to the Holy Archangel Gabriel, and from the part of the village of Vrbica (the present territory of the city was largely in this village) with the part of the village Bukovik, Prince Miloš formed Arandjelovac. Thanks to the beneficial effect of acidic water, Dositej Obradovic strengthened his health in 1811, and on the personal request of Prince Milos, Bukovica water was received and used at the court, while in the beginning of the 20th century, manual bottling of acid water “Knjaz Milos” began.

If you decides to visit Arandjelovac in hot summer days, do not worry about the shade. This town is located between the mountains, so the cooler air flows from Bukulje and Venčac. However, if you prefer water as a good way to cool in the luxurious hotel “Izvor”, you have three large swimming pools and even twelve slides within the region’s largest aqua park.

After bathing, it’s a good option to walk in the city, and in the central street you will surely attract the well-preserved 17th-18th century houses. The town area of Arandjelovac also offers the opportunity to visit the cave Risovača, which testifies to the life of the monk 40,000 years ago. Scientists have proven that a river of mineral water had once been flowing through the Risovač, and perhaps the nobleman did not use the term “spa and wellness”, but he certainly enjoyed the benefits of bathing in mineral water.

The roads of the two Serbian royal families have crossed over in this region. Although the name Arandjelovac was given by Miloš Obrenović in 1859, tourists mostly visited this city because of the nearby mausoleum of the Karađorđević family located at Oplenca. A dozen kilometers from Arandjelovac there is a village Lipovac that keeps track of the life of a man from the Neolithic age, while the ancient Romans also had their own estate here, because at the top of the Venecian there was a military fortification which is an important foothold in the Lower Mezija region.
Tourists also have numerous excursions to medieval monasteries on the slopes of Rudnik and Venčac, and there is also horseback riding to the archaeological site where the last Serbian despot Pavle Bakić had his own court in the 15th century. The famous Bukovica Spa is located in the center of the city, and the green oasis extends over an area of 22 hectares with a valuable gallery of sculptures under the open sky and with many species of rare flowers and trees. This permanent setting of marble sculpture in the magnificent Park of Bukovica Spa gathered the most famous of our world and world bikers. One of the largest collections of ceramic works of art, created within the “Ceramic World” symposium, also found its place in Arandjelovac. About 300 artists from all over the world, differing in temper and artistic expression, left about 700 works and thus formed one of the most important collections in this part of Europe that is certainly worth a look.
In the park there is the pavilion of Prince Miloša and several mineral water sources that are used in the spa health resort together with clay for treating diseases of the gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary system, diseases of the respiratory system and injuries of the locomotor system.


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