Fruska Gora

Fruska Gora National Park


Fruska Gora National Park is the largest mountain in Vojvodina and one of the five national parks in Serbia. For those who like to explore nature or enjoy the fresh mountain air and walk through numerous hiking trails, we suggest Fruska Gora National Park. This mountain is about 60 km from Belgrade, and it is a true natural habitat under deciduous forests pleasant for a walk. Numerous pastures, orchards, vineyards are located in the valleys of Fruska Gora, while the biggest attraction is monasteries that have about thirty. Fruska Gora Mountain is 80 kilometers long and only 15 kilometers wide, while the highest peak of Crveni Kotot is 539 meters high. Once upon a time the mountain itself was an island in the vast Pannonian sea that covered the territory of today’s Pannonian plain.

The Vrdnička Tower, built by the Romans in the 12th century, testifies that Fruska Gora National Park was inhabited in the Roman era. From the beginning of the 15th century, fleeing from the Turks, the Serbs settled in Fruska Gora, on whose territory they build numerous monasteries and bring relics from churches in central Serbia. The first association on Fruska Gora  are monasteries but also the famous Fruska Gora marathon and it is not surprising that this mountain is primarily suitable for hiking and excursions to nature. The largest pedestrian walkway runs through many villages, it houses almost all mountain huts and is known to the public as the trail of the Fruska Gora marathon. As it was once inhabited by Romans they were the first ones who planted grapes all around the slopes of the mountain. Even today on the slopes of the Fruska Gora National Park we can find a lot of vineyards. Sremski Karlovci which are next to the slopes, are considered a small production center for all the old family wineries and all of them poses their own vineyards on Fruska Gora. All of them are producing Bermeth wine which is unique kind for whole Serbia. 


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