Café bar Avanturist

Café bar Avanturist

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Feel Serbia –Love Serbia

Location: Kneginje Ljubice 11

The most frequent questions of the Belgrade guests, on any day with time to spare: Where to go out? What’s Belgrade like during night? Where can I enjoy coffee break during work days? Where to spend free time?

We reveal to you a new spot in Belgrade, with touch of travel, adventure and free spirit. Belgrade at night at its finest, Belgrade during day, for morning coffee or a drink while enjoying free time – CAFE BAR THE ADVENTURER!

Different from its competition, charming for the spirit that surrounds its atmosphere. Enjoy a travel through time, retro interior filled with interesting journeys while having your favorite drink. Caffe & Bar the Adventurer is potentially the best place to enjoy and to conceive new ideas and it is so different from others – because of its joyful spirit, with not a single ounce of aggression.

Caffe & Bar the Adventurer is a newly opened bar in the very heart of Belgrade, in the upper Town of Dorcol, at the corner of gospodar Jevremova and Kneginje Ljubice Streets. It is established with great enthusiasm, knowledge and desire to make something new – with role models pubs and bars from London, New York, Barcelona or Rome.

It is a city Bar where you can relax your senses in a very pleasant atmosphere, while consuming your favorite drink – alcoholic and non-alcoholic. Bar interior can compete with bars in London, Berlin or any other world city.

Dominant are details from journeys, retro and rustic wooden and iron details, accompanied with postcards and memories. Caffe & Bar the Adventurer is open every day from 8 am to midnight, and 9am to 1am during weekend.

Belgrade coffee shops – It represents a new concept of Bar and it is focused exclusively to the needs of guests and to providing service at the highest level. Find the adventurer in yourselves, find and idea for your next travel, set your goals and visit this unique cafee bar.

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

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