Club Kasina

Club Kasina

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Location: Terazije 25 

KASINA by Community Club is now a legendary club in downtown Belgrade, formerly known as a pub, then transformed into one of the capital’s most modern clubs. It is completely renovated at the beginning of each winter season and this contributes to its guests enjoying the always refreshed ambience. The Kasina Club is visited mainly by older guests, who enjoy local pop / rock music by performing some of the most famous stars of the regional music scene.

At the Casino by Community Club, guest appearances include such names as Severina, Jelena Karleusa, Dzenan Loncarevic, Toni Cetinski, Nina Badric, Lexington band, Aca Lukas, Ministers, etc. If you are planning to visit the Kasina by Community club, you need to book your place on time and of course pay attention to the dress code that is required. The casino Belgrade has a capacity of about 700 people. The casino is a place where you can see almost all generations, because for this kind of fun you are never too old or too young. What is also important to note is that at Kasina by Community Club the service is at a very high level, that the staff is always friendly and happy to serve you.

The atmosphere is always great and unique, and gives the impression that people just come to have fun with their friends, play relieved with great music and drink a glass. Located in a prime location, the Casino offers a great choice for anyone in the city looking for an unforgettable time.

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