Tavern Stara Pesma Belgrade

Tavern Stara Pesma Belgrade

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Tavern Stara Pesma, located near the Belgrade Fair, has become synonymous with good entertainment, excellent performers and excellent sesrvice, so it i not surprising that it bears the title of one of Belgrade’s most popular cafes. When the Stara Pesma Tavern opened in late 2012, Belgrade was briefly given one of the leading hospitality establishments of this increasingly popular type of entertainment in the entertainment capital.

Reservations are completely free of charge, but they are obligatory because of the great interest that the café has. For Bohemian life, the Stara Pesma is the right choice, and a place where one can experience the Serbian way of spending, which means that it is always better to give money for music and even before food. Many of us turn to music in happy or sad moments. It happens that in Sevdah the beauties go up to the tables, have a little drink and end up somewhere under the table.

In traditional cafes where this happens more often, for such exhibitions musicians are richly rewarded, so their guests push their money into trumpets or hooks on guitars and beautiful sweaty foreheads. In cafes such as the Stara Pesma, an equally cheerful pastime awaits you, in a slightly more modern way!

Certainly, there is a lot to do with society, pop stars and folk stars, as well as the atmosphere of the Stara Pesma Tavern. Visit the Stara Pesma Tavern, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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