Club Beton

Club Beton

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Club is located on port of Belgrade on Sava river in Beton Hall. Club Beton is new, relaxed  and urban place which is made for lovers of electronic sound, works on Friday and Saturday from midnight to 4 h. When its about music, this is a place of gathering experienced DJ-s, who are famous for great parties which lasts until morning. Excellent service, drinks, crazy nights in city makes this club one of the most visited clubs in town. 

Club Beton with his ambient offers feeling of real jet set parties and glam. This club has something to give to everyone of its visitors, especially because of its capacity – 400 people.

It is great place for all those who likes to go to a club after a dinner, because it is surrounded with the best restaurants in Belgrade – Frida, Iguana, Toro, Sakura, etc. And, it is great choice for those who wants to take their friends, foreign visitors, to a great party. If you like electro and house music, and you have high standards, this club is for you.

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