Club Tranzit

Club Tranzit

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Location: Braće Krsmanovića 8 

Club Tranzit is located in the most urban part of the city – Savamala. Opened few years ago and yet it is one of most popular places for going out. Tranzit bar is unique by its design, great offer and excited atmosphere and because all of this it becomes one of the most visited places in Belgrade.

Concept of the club is designed so that visitors can have all they want, from dinner in restaurant to party in the club. Program in restaurant offers dishes from national and international kitchen as well as diverse drinks and coctels. In the middle of week Tranzit bar works as night club, from 10 pm with different music styles, which suites everyone, because of atmosphere, music, drinks and staff.

On Wednesday this club is ideal for lovers of disco music, while on Thursday is reserved for electronic music. On Friday and Saturday you can enjoy in clubbing and deep house, which for you will arrange the most popular dj-es in city.

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