E-scooters rent

E-scooters rent

Grand ePanoramic tour

Feel Serbia –Love Serbia

Feel Belgrade and Feel Serbia represent the present and the future in terms of contemporary
city touring of city break destinations with the E Scooters Xiaomi 365. Through many years of
work in tourism, we have always strived for innovation and electric scooters are just that.

Enjoy an alternative Belgrade experience by riding on an electric scooter. Drive along the
picturesque streets of Belgrade without paying attention to the city crowds and visit one of
Belgrade’s most important sights alone or with our guide.

Our company offers you two options for using these futuristic vehicles, you can rent them for
an hour or all day and create your own perfect day on wheels or choose one of our tours. Our
expertly trained staff are guides who will quickly train you to use the e Scooter if you are never
in the language of your choice to tell the story of Belgrade through the ride.

The future is here, indulge in the magic of Belgrade and explore it on electric scooters with an
unforgettable experience.

Scooter specifications:

  • Model: Xiaomi M365
  • Weight: 12.5kg
  • Charging time: 5 hours
  • Max. speed: 25km/h
  • Travel distance: up to 30km
  • Max. load: 100kg

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

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