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Feel Serbia –Love Serbia

From the moment of the first moment of settlement of Belgrade, until today rivers are those which makes this town magical and unique. Position of Belgrade on the confluence of Sava and Danube actually is pearl of the sights. Feeling of enjoyment on the river gives a special Mediterranean charm even town is located in the center of Balkan. Staying on the rivers and a view to the Belgrade fortress which stands for centuries and protecting citizens is a real a treat for the eyes.

This time we prepared for you something special – kayak sightseeing tours are packages which combines adrenalin experience, history, enjoyment in nature and physical recreation. All packages are organized with included transportation services from/to kayak center, tour leader assistance and service of local guides while cruising. Prior to all departures you will have short brief with instruction which you should follow during the cruise. For this trip you don’t need any previous experience, just great desire to experience something unique.

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

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