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Serbia is a land with plenty of unique natural attractions, among them is canyon of river Tara. Downhill raftin through canyon is one of the best adrenalin adventures which you can experiences, plenty of magnificent landscapes and untouched nature gives this trip a special charm to make it unforgettable. Rafting is an exciting activity for everyone and it does not require special training or physical skills. We prepared for you complete service from transportation, tour leader assistance during the whole trip and special guides on each boat.On each boat the guide will give commands to the group that, using paddles, will drive the boat down the river. Meeting at the rafting headquarters, equipment delivery (wetsuit, life jacket and helmet) and short theoretical brief.

Than you are going on unforgettable ride down the river Tara! Tara, “The Tear of Europe” on a rafting scale, takes place at 3-5 and is among the most attractive rivers on the planet. It is a true paradise for all adventurers. It is truly delightful and active vacation which offers you to enjoy in magnificence of rapids, clearings, water-mills, old churches and monastery’s and bridges. There are breathtaking natural phenomenon that you will see in Tara Canyon. Ride the waves. Challenge the wild environment of the river. Enjoy the company of your colleagues, friends or your family. Embark on a boat armed with paddles. Immerse yourself into the water and have fun.

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