Freestyler night club

Freestyler night club

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The Freestyler raft is one of the first rafts many will remember when thinking of a night out in Belgrade. Characteristic interiors, top cocktails, the concept of fun that has become synonymous with capital entertainment have succeeded in transforming the entire part of the city and creating the special magic for which this Belgrade raft is “responsible”.

Freestyler raft was opened more than a decade ago on the Sava Quay. Very soon after the opening, thanks to the large amount of positive energy that prevailed at Freestyler, the raft took one of the leading places in Belgrade’s nightlife. For this reason and many other reasons, Belgrade stands out at night as a must-see destination for a crazy pastime. Freestyler reservations are available through our site in just a few clicks – take your company to an unforgettable party and experience the fun that clubbers all over Europe are looking for.

The line provided by the Freestyler Club has made it one of the best in Europe with its uniqueness and musical colorfulness. It has also gained popularity with numerous tourists who adore Belgrade for going out until the early morning hours. As the demand for Belgrade rafts is high, we advise that you plan an exit a few days early. Not only did the Freestyler Club manage to bring Belgrade down to the river in a different way that was still in its infancy, but with the beauty of the interior and the quality of services, it became an obligatory destination for tourists and clubbers looking for the best nightlife in the region.

If we consider that the Belgrade parties are too synonymous with the best time, then we can safely say that the Freestyler raft leads convincingly on the map of the capital. Here you can enjoy a well-sounded air-conditioned area where you will always feel comfortable while sipping on top cocktails and branded drinks.

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

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