River club 94

River club 94

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Location: Brodarska bb

Raft Club 94 is a true example of Belgrade’s nightlife and its attractive offer. This is the right place that will delight you already during your first visit. This club is an ideal choice for an urban, successful, interesting team that recognizes the clubbing atmosphere with quality house sound. Club 94 has a capacity of about 500 seats, and given the huge popularity of the great raft, reservations are a must. The famous Belgrade Raft 94 is the place for the best nightlife and crazy fun that lasts until deep into the night.

The Club 94 rafts offer great nights out, with superb river enjoyment. Behind the big bar are located and ready to find for you exactly what you want the top Belgrade cocktail masters, who will amaze you with their skillful and already boiling atmosphere to spice up colorful and unusual cocktails. Friendly hosts regularly wait for you at the entrance of the raft, and the smiling hostesses of the Club 94 raft, as only Belgrade at night and the typical nightlife in the capital dictates, in their elegant uniforms try their best to find their place and start a phenomenal evening, which will inspire him to entrust your exit exactly to the Club 94 raft.

At Club 94, only the best doctors are waiting for you – the disc jockeys of the capital, who will spin the top sounds of RnB, electro, funky, disco and deep house music, with which you will be able to dance until the early hours of the morning. In the central part of the club there is a large bar and bar tables, while on the perimeter of the club there are spacious and comfortable booths where you can rest for a while while drinking a drink from the rich offer of Raft 94.

You have high and low seating available and you will always find a place to get some rest before continuing your crazy fun. You already know that on the raft – Club 94 is all about the symbolism of this issue: an urgent call for the necessary dose of the best fun, disc jockeys as doctors and hostesses as doctors, promise that you will surely survive in their expert hands. Club 94 was designed by renowned French architect Jean-Paul Bernardo, and succeeded in the idea of ​​creating one from this club that, in appearance, atmosphere and quality of entertainment, offers the power to match the world’s most exquisite clubs.

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