River Club Hot mess

River Club Hot mess

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Location: Ušće bb

Hot Mess raft is a unique newly opened bar in Belgrade, located on the river and within its ambience it also has a swimming pool. Its interior gives you an incredible feeling of being in one of the most famous monden places. If you want to spend the evening in the unusual ambience of the Hot Mess raft, reservations are a must, since many Belgrade and tourists visit this place, so the capacity of the raft is always full. Whether you come during the day to chill on the hot days in the pool or in the evening, where with chilled wine you can dine and taste some of the specialties of top chefs, you will not be mistaken.

Top-notch fun and fun until the early hours of the morning is meant here, so it is no wonder why this place is a regular stop for many citizens, as well as for foreigners who are happy to spend their time here. This is where world-class satisfaction and enjoyment await you at any moment. In addition to the pool located in the center, in the middle of the raft, there are comfortable bed-shaped booths where you can be completely relieved and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the best music in town.

Also, there is an upper level raft if you want to stand out from the event center and enjoy a more intimate atmosphere. It should be emphasized that at the hot mess raft, parties of popular DJs are organized, both in the evening and during the day. The genre of music on the raft is predominantly directed at Disco and House. Located on river, Hot Mess gives you feeling that you are in the one of the most luxurious and expensive venues in the world. 

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