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River Belgrade is one of the most attractive rafts of the capital, with a capacity of 500 seats. Given the great popularity and attendance that River Rafts enjoy, booking is advisable a day or two early. This is especially true on Wednesdays and Fridays which are trademarks of the River Raft.

The River is where the biggest regional stars perform and the most popular city faces come out. Whether you’re at a bar table, high seating, or booth, it’s always as if you’re at the center of the event, making the fun unforgettable wherever you are on the raft. The lighting and sound systems are of the highest quality. On the raft you can consume a wide variety of drinks, from excellent cocktails to the most exclusive champagnes, while the professionalism and kindness of the staff, with all the above, is certainly something that will make the fun on this raft unforgettable. For this reason Belgrade at night considers the River a place that is a must visit in order to properly experience all the charms of the capital’s nightlife.

The terrain of the River Raft is so conceived that all the places are interconnected, which gives a special make-up and a dose of originality to this raft. This concept is reminiscent of the best European clubs that do not stand in one place but are expected to mix, move and flow. The raft is designed so that there is no bad place in it, and nothing can get past you. Whatever table or booth you book for River, you’ll have plenty of room to spend. And then it’s up to you. Bring a good mood and a great time is guaranteed!

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