Shake’n’Shake river club

Shake’n’Shake river club

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Location: Savski kej bb

The Shake ‘n’ Shake raft is located at the mouth of the Sava River into the Danube, on the New Belgrade side. This oasis of perfection is all you wanted and couldn’t put down. In addition to awakening your imagination and revealing your deepest passions, this place leaves you speechless, and it’s crazy to write about it for long, because Shake ‘n’ Shake needs to be felt.

Why Shake ‘n’ Shake?

There are many reasons. Firstly, because it’s time to “shake up” to get nervous and improve our mood. Of course, this is preceded by the well-known phrase “shake a leg”, that is, get up, get started and be ready for a close handshake with your mates, but also for the most beautiful city girls who will be here for the whole summer to shake for you! The Shake ‘n’ Shake raft is ideal for a gossip party with your best friend, but also for a good book. What is safe is at least Shake ‘n’ Shake is undoubtedly a favorite spot for hedonists and people of refined taste. The most relaxed atmosphere, cocktails that tickle your imagination and prepare you for a fiery night, a positively charged crew, lots of laughs, and of course beautiful girls are just part of what this raft has to offer.

Namely, the peace you experience here during the day with the sunset evolves into extremely good energy, which is additionally contributed by top DJs, and often fantastic bands performing here. If you are looking to enjoy relaxed girls who are not ashamed of your body, then this is the right place for you. If you want to overdo in drinking, kissing or laughing without anyone giving you a look of disapproval, you will fit in perfectly here. The Shake ‘n’ Shake raft awakens your true nature and allows you not to restrain your instincts for maximum pleasure.

Feel Serbia – Feel Belgrade

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