Shooting range

Shooting range

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We offer you an opportunity to try out an activity that is definitely a rather rare experience – shooting from a real weapon with real ammunition in a shooting club in Belgrade. The goal of training and trying out such an adrenaline sport is to give clients the opportunity to try something new and different, all in a professional and safe environment, with experienced individuals.

Gathering the group at a pre-arranged time, in an agreed place where our travel companion will welcome you. Going to the shooting club “Target” located in the center of Belgrade, near the Palace of Justice. The shooting range is of closed type, 15 m long with 5 shooting places, equipped according to the statutory standards.

The training for the participants of the program is from 1h to 3h, depending on the number of participants and the selection of weapons. After the training, a shorter break, followed by a competition, and the best shooter at the end of the program will receive a degree in the shooting course. For those who do not want to participate in the competition there is the possibility of additional training and testing in various shooting techniques.

Upon completion of the program, going to the Caffe Bar Adventurer, the moment where we collect the impressions in the authentic Belgrade Cafe is just for fans of adventure and new experiences.

The price includes the departure to the shooting club “Target” accompanied by our program attendant, training and participation in the competition, as well as refreshments in the Caffe Bar Adventurer.

The price does not include individual travel costs.

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