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The Avala tower is a jewel and main tourist attraction on Avala which is considered for the mountain although it is only 511 m above sea level. The highest number of visits to this tourist destination is in the spring and summer months. However, there is a tendency for such a situation to be maintained throughout the year.
Each year an increasing number of tourists visit this attraction, which is located only 16km from the center of Belgrade. Why would not you also visit?

The Avala symbol is the widely known by Tower of Avala. Next up to 205 meters in height, it’s impossible not to see it. Avala tower was an indicator of the people who traveled to Belgrade that the city is near. He originally served as a TV transmitter, with his purpose changing for years. Avala tower was demolished in the NATO bombing in 1999 and was renewed in 2010. The very fact that it was rebuilt tells you the importance that the tower had for Belgrade and its surroundings. His telecommunication purpose has weakened, but this has increased the tourist character.
Only the elevator comes to the top, passing through 38 floors. A tower view gives you the opportunity to see the city and its surroundings in its entirety. A completely open view reaches the distance, distracting your thoughts from everyday concerns and problems. About half of the tower is a restaurant where you can get the full experience of the view and the height on which you are.

Avala – a place to rest
In addition to the magnificent Aval Tower, this mountain attracts numerous visitors for the comfort it provides. You can often see visitors who walk from the botom of the mountain to the very top of the mountain.
Perfect way to recreate!

The road to the top is surrounded on both sides by the forest, and in several places you can see the water sources.
When you get to the top of Avala, choose how you want to spend time. Whether you will rest in a restaurant, park, whether you are going to make a picnic with your family or friends, depends on you. Your youngest can learn how to ride a horse in the park next to the Avala tower.


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