The Devil’s Town

The Devil’s Town

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The Devil’s Town is a Serbian, but also a world miracle. This natural phenomenon is found in southern Serbia, near Kuršumlija. It is known for its specific relief and mineral water sources. You do not need to travel to the other end of the world to see one of the world’s miracles, they are closer than you think. The Devil’s Town is waiting for you to visit.

This scene of unevenly arranged, extremely high pillars is something that fascinates everyone and leaves breathless. You’ll wonder how it’s possible that something like that exists ? The answer is simple – in time, Mother Nature has done its own thing. These stone giants were created due to erosion. The water of the water here is not a rarity, so each takes it to another part of the earth, which makes the giants just get on the heights. It will also be nice to you that the top of each pillar is a “cap” or a stone block, and what is even more interesting is that the pillars are still “growing” over time. Though you will feel remarkably small compared to the 202 figures they have in the Devil’s Town, it will not diminish the admiration that you will feel by nature. Some of these towers eventually disappear, but the action of these forces in the area of the Devil’s Town shortly after the disappearance of one, brought another tower.

You will have to walk to the towers themselves, and if you want to see them from another perspective, sightseeing are made for tourists.
There are two sources of water here, which are characterized by acidity and cold water. Here the story does not end. In view of the hilly Devil’s Town and the surrounding area, the Serbian rulers hired a German tribe Saxons in the 13th century to search for oars. They were known as excellent miners in most of the old mines in Serbia. Today only these remains of mines are visible in these areas, but it would be interesting to visit them.
What is for sure, because of its geological background and numerous stories and legends that accompany this place, the Devil’s Town is a special feature in the world. Its beauty was so fascinated by a couple that the newlyweds decided to get married here. Maybe it will not work for you but you will like it, will!


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